One-on-One ACT Tutoring

One-on-One ACT Tutoring

  • All sessions are traditional one-on-one tutoring. Sessions can take place in your home, at our offices in Edina, or at a library/coffee shop. 
    • Start by registering for a package of tutoring hours between 6 hours & 32 hours. Feel free to reach out to discuss what will be best for your child.
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  • Students receive:
    • 10+ practice ACT tests
    • Magna Test Prep training workbooks
    • Access to online portals with skill assessments & video lessons
  • Before tutoring begins, we'll map out an overall training plan for your child. We take into account their current ACT abilities, GPA, and college & career aspirations.
  • Student are expected to complete homework between sessions
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Lauren Meier

Raised her ACT score 4 points after one-on-one tutoring with Magna

"Our daughter Lauren went through one-on-one training with Magna Test Prep. They gave Lauren insight as to what types of questions would be asked, how to answer them and how to best utilize exam time. Lauren increased her ACT score by 4 points. Their tutors REALLY know what they are doing!!!" -Gene & Michele Meier, Lauren's Parents

John Lance

Raised his ACT score 7 points after one-on-one tutoring with Magna

"Working with Magna Test Prep was a great decision.  My tutor motivated me to study and do my best.  The materials were taught with enthusiasm, which made it easy to stay focused.  They provided great guidance on how to successfully prepare for and take the test, which helped me increase my score from a 25 to a 32.  The cost of the prep is small in comparison to the results, especially when you consider the scholarships that you can earn with a strong ACT score. They truly cares about the success of their students. Mty tutor regularly checked in to see how my studying was going and sent texts to encourage me and show confidence in me. Definitely contact Magna Test Prep if you want to do your best on the ACT." -John Lance

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What it's like to train for the ACT with Magna Test Prep:

  • Students are given practice ACT tests to complete between sessions
    • We emphasize to students that their biggest score improvements will come from applying the skills they learn during tutoring in the arena of an actual ACT test (or practice ACT test).
    • Students complete timed practice sections between tutoring sessions and watch a video explanation for every problem they get wrong
    • By the time their real ACT rolls around, student are familiar & comfortable with the timing & content of the ACT
  • Other sweet stuff!
    • "Gameday Bag"
      • Filled with pencils, a sharpener, and a "silent timer" that goes along with timing strategies we teach students for each section of the ACT





  • Before beginning tutoring
    • Students take a practice ACT test to help us identify their areas of opportunity for point growth (English, Math, Reading, Science)
  • Math & Science Assessments
    • Students complete Math & Science assessments to identify specific concepts they don't yet have mastered. For those concepts, students are directed to online lessons & practice quizzes. Students follow up with tutors during one-on-one tutoring to ensure they understood each concept.
  • Success-oriented ACT training
    • Tutors start by helping students identify their reasons for training. We want to make sure students understand the great opportunity they have to expand their college opportunities and qualify for merit scholarships.
    • We tie this into helping students stay motivated and working hard for their ACT score improvement.
  • During tutoring sessions
    • Tutors and students start by going through lessons in our curriculum. 
      • Students will learn strategies for taking the ACT as well as the content necessary to correctly answer questions
    • Students & tutors practice using newly-learned lessons together, then students complete some practice problems on their own.
    • Other activities include reviewing strategies, going through practice passages, completing subject-specific practice packets, and reviewing homework.

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6 Hour One-on-One Tutoring Package

Includes 6 hours of in-home, one-on-one tutoring with a dedicated ACT Coach.

20 Hour One-on-One Tutoring Package

Includes 20 hours of in-home, one-on-one tutoring with a dedicated ACT Coach.

8 Hour One-on-One Tutoring Package

Includes 8 hours of in-home, one-on-one tutoring with a dedicated ACT Coach.

24 Hour One-on-One Tutoring Package

Includes 24 hours of in-home, one-on-one tutoring with a dedicated ACT Coach.

12 Hour One-on-One Tutoring Package

Includes 12 hours of in-home, one-on-one tutoring with a dedicated ACT Coach.

28 Hour One-on-One Tutoring Package

Includes 28 hours of in-home, one-on-one tutoring with a dedicated ACT Coach.

16 Hour One-on-One Tutoring Package

Includes 16 hours of in-home, one-on-one tutoring with a dedicated ACT Coach.

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Bronson Mcleod

Raised his ACT score 6 points after a Magna ACT Camp

“Choosing Magna was a decision that came from Bronson himself. It showed me that he wanted to improve on his ACT score. Bronson took the tutoring very seriously, but also commented on the amount of fun he had doing it. Not only did Magna Test Prep polish him on the areas of the ACT, but they taught Bronson to attack the ACT test with confidence. It was one of the best decisions we made for Bronson’s college future.” - Brooks Mcleod, Bronson's dad