ACT Camps

ACT Camps


ACT Camp consists of:

  • 24 hours of group sessions
  • 6 hours of one-on-one tutoring (one-on-one tutoring sessions are 2 hours long and held at our offices in Saint Louis Park)
  • 12+ practice ACT tests
  • The Magna Test Prep training workbook
  • Access to online video lessons
  • Skill-specific practice packets

ACT Camp Dates

June 8th Test Group Session Dates:
(preps students for the June 8th ACT test date):

  • Sunday, May 5th (2-6pm)

  • Sunday, May 12th (2-6pm)

  • Sunday, May 19th (2-6pm)

  • Sunday, May 26th (2-6pm)

  • Saturday, June 1st (2-6pm)

  • Sunday, June 2nd (2-6pm)

July 13th Test Group Session Dates:
(preps students for the July 13th ACT test date):

  • Tuesday, June 11th OR Thursday, June 13th (2-6pm)

  • Tuesday, June 18th OR Thursday, June 20th (2-6pm)

  • Tuesday, June 25th OR Thursday, June 27th (2-6pm)

  • Wednesday, June 26th OR Friday, June 28th (2-6pm)

  • Tuesday, July 9th OR Thursday, July 11th (2-6pm)

  • Wednesday, July 10th OR Friday, July 12th (2-6pm)

September 14th Test Group Session Dates:
(preps students for the september 14th ACT test date):

  • Tuesday, August 6th OR Thursday, August 8th (2-6pm)

  • Tuesday, August 13th OR Thursday, August 15th (2-6pm)

  • Tuesday, August 20th OR Thursday, August 22nd (2-6pm)

  • Sunday, August 25th (2-6pm)

  • Saturday, September 1st (2-6pm)

  • Sunday, September 8th (2-6pm)

october 26th Test Group Session Dates:
(preps students for the october 26th ACT test date):

  • Sunday, September 15th (2-6pm)

  • Sunday, September 22nd (2-6pm)

  • Sunday, September 29th (2-6pm)

  • Sunday, October 6th (2-6pm)

  • Saturday, October 13th (2-6pm)

  • Sunday, October 20th (2-6pm)

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Haley Gilbertson

Raised her ACT score 6 points after a Magna ACT Camp

“I think what was so useful was the coaching staff’s willingness to help out students. The amount of resources they give you with practice tests and strategies was amazing, and the depth of the teaching itself was great.” - Haley

Luke Horton

Raised his ACT score 8 points after a Magna ACT Camp

“Connecting with Magna Test Prep for ACT prep and tutoring was one of the best choices we have made for our son Luke and his educational future. The ACT camp, which was group tutoring with Luke’s hockey team, covered many areas, including test taking strategies and test timing that helped to build Luke’s confidence to master the ACT exam. The best testimonial of all was to hear our son comment after he returned from 4 hours of studying, ‘That was fun!’ ”-Kim & Jim Horton, Luke's parents

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What are Magna Test Prep ACT Camps all about?

  • Students are given practice ACT tests to complete between sessions

    • We emphasize to students that their biggest score improvements will come from applying the skills they learn during Camp in the arena of an actual ACT test (or practice ACT test).

    • Students complete timed practice sections between Camp sessions and watch a video explanation for every problem they get wrong

    • By the time their real ACT rolls around, student are familiar & comfortable with the timing & content of the ACT

  • One-on-one tutoring

    • Your 6 hours of one-on-one tutoring with our ACT Coaches will be completed in three 2-hour sessions, held at our offices in Saint Louis Park

  • Other sweet stuff!

    • "Gameday Bag"

      • Filled with pencils, a sharpener, and a "silent timer" that goes along with timing strategies we teach students for each section of the ACT

    • Success Training

      • Camp kicks off with Success Mapping, where we talk about hard work and students set goals for their ACT training. We return to the idea of hard work and determination throughout, discuss inspirational hard-workers, and help students identify their purpose for training to improve their ACT score (expanding their college opportunities or earning scholarships, for example).

  • Before beginning Camp

    • Students take a practice ACT test to help us identify their areas of opportunity for point growth (English, Math, Reading, Science)

  • Math & Science Assessments

    • Students complete Math & Science assessments to identify specific concepts they don't yet have mastered. For those concepts, students are directed to online lessons & practice quizzes. Students follow up with tutors during one-on-one tutoring to ensure they understood each concept.

  • Success-oriented ACT training

    • Tutors start by helping students identify their reasons for training. We want to make sure students understand the great opportunity they have to expand their college opportunities and qualify for merit scholarships.

    • We tie this into helping students stay motivated and working hard for their ACT score improvement.

  • During Camp sessions

    • Camp sessions include group lectures and small group activities

    • Multiple tutors will be present for students to split into small groups and rotate between sections (English, Math, Reading, Science)

    • Activities include reviewing strategies, going through practice passages, and completing subject-specific practice packets


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June ACT Camp
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Bronson Mcleod

Raised his ACT score 6 points after a Magna ACT Camp

“Choosing Magna was a decision that came from Bronson himself. It showed me that he wanted to improve on his ACT score. Bronson took the tutoring very seriously, but also commented on the amount of fun he had doing it. Not only did Magna Test Prep polish him on the areas of the ACT, but they taught Bronson to attack the ACT test with confidence. It was one of the best decisions we made for Bronson’s college future.” - Brooks Mcleod, Bronson's dad